We work harder to be a your #1 choice for janitorial services and commercial cleaning


Our goal is to create a safe and productive environment for our clients. Complete building profile helps us manage all the aspects of the building. We take pictures and document surrounding environment to create a complete facility profile for Total Management. 


Janitorial Services

We have expanded our service range in recent years to provide the entire building services services from janitorial services to working on your HVAC unit.

24/7 Management Team

Our team is working hard all day and all night to provide the most responsive services for our clients. We follow up with safety training, quarterly inspections, and research new advances in our industry to stay on top of our competition.  

Janitorial cleaning

TotalMGT has its own janitorial division and can continuously offer the best cleaning services for the duty, from our color coded damp wiping, swabbing systems, numerous vacuum models, and our newest Scrubber Dryers and Rotary Floor Machines. All of our equipment is bought new and therefore the machines maintained by our own engineers, either on-the-spot or in our workshops. All machinery is movable appliance tested and complies with OSHA's regulations and facility guidelines.

We are experts in what we do and have innovative approach to cleaning services and partnership with multiple companies specializing in industrial and institutional hygiene. Environmental protection is one among of our basic commitments along with the standard of the product and systems used at our client's facilities. We develop and apply new product systems with superior cleaning performance and environmental compliance.

One of the benefits of our partnership is the access to state of the art data on all aspects of the product and their uses. Additionally, we receive the support from specialists in analysis and development making certain that we use the newest product accessible for the proper task. Every facility has completely different necessities and therefore specialized system to be used is selected before contract kick off so the proper product are used in the proper setting, resulting in superior cleaning services and safe performance.

All cleaning product are delivered direct to your facility from our partners on carefully selected scheduled basis. This permits you to manage the kind and amount of chemicals, that are keep at your facility. We use a specialized products, that are safe, fast, and straightforward to use for the best cleaning service. Our daily maintenance is non-toxic and revolutionary within your business. Each chemical delivered is insured with the complete health and safety and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). All sites have the relevant Safety Data Sheets, procedure manual, cleaning services' information, and risk assessments enclosed among our clients reach. 

We are here to assist

We are looking forward to discussing your workplace cleaning services need and to provide you our skilled, reliable, and value effective solutions. 

Quality Assurance

We conduct regular recorded audits and inspections of our work to confirm that standards are systematically achieved and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met and improved. Every month we meet with our customers to conduct a Service Review and present you with an easy one to ten Score Sheet. Our Service Review indicates the performance of our cleaning and management staff and provide you with an action plan, if needed, to improve upon our cleaning services.

This performance information is maintained by our Regional Manager, discussed with the entire staff and management team, and followed up with updates. A full analysis of all scores is reviewed by our Vise President  that can monitor all corrective actions across all regions. A duplicate of those Score Sheets is provided to the Board for his or her regular conferences at that Service Quality and client Feedback agenda.

Understanding your desires

It is necessary for us to completely understand your specific needs and any circumstances or problems that may be of explicit importance, or peculiar to your premises, sector or business, in order for us to tailor our cleaning services to satisfy your specific desires and/or needs.

We will be able to provide recommendation, supported our intensive expertise, and create our recommendations on however best to attain your workplace cleaning services' needs to a high standards and in an exceedingly price effective manner. On the opposite hand, you'll recognize precisely what you wish, want, and worth your current cleanup services – Ideal encompasses a wealth of expertise, gained over many years, within the productive education of our employees, managing modification, and also the introduction of revised operation practices and also the raising of high standards. We manage the cleaning service for and on your behalf. We do our job, so you can safely do yours.