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Facility services

in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC

  • Develop housing plans for all parts of the Department
  • Negotiate the terms, conditions, and price of occupancy agreements with independent agency and manages the Department’s rent budget
  • Monitor and manage the assignment of facilities throughout the area
  • Execute policies, procedures, and standards for facility management for headquarters and therefore the regions
  • Conduct property utilization reviews and surveys to develop a general and special purpose outline
  • Manage, monitor, and track all business leases for occupied space
  • Maintain facility layout maps for all buildings
  • Provide furnishing style, acquisition, delivery, and installation services
  • Provide house styles and coordinate renovations or relocation to support the goals and objectives of the facility’s mission
  • Provide skilled solutions and recommendation to department officers of facility management and coming up with matters
  • Provide skilled solutions for accessibility problems (to embrace disabilities) associated with fireplace safety, motor pool, and vehicle safety
  • Plan, develop, and implement an activity health program consisting of consultation, technical, training, and analysis services for each work locations and employees.
  • Conduct investigations of health complaints, activity accidents, injuries and sickness. Reviews findings of unhealthy operating conditions (including worker requests for medically-related accommodations) with department officers, worker teams, representatives of the disabled, and individual employees
  • Develop and administer comprehensive physical programs paying attention to the applied science aspects of workers’ relationship to their operating surroundings to push and maintain employee health, as well as the arrangement of applicable coaching through coaching and facility center
  • Review findings of unsafe operating conditions with department managers, worker teams, representatives of the disabled, Union officers, and individual staff.